Tom Villarreal Madera 2015

by Napps Pascal

Tom Villareal takes us on a trip on the Oregon Trails with The Come Up and Madera BMX with a couple of his friends. Check out the footage above and more details below. 

Tom Villarreal is all about the vibe and this edit gives off the best of vibes. While heading north and avoiding the dangers of the Oregon Trail, Tom was able to see some beautiful sites as well as film some beautiful clips. There are some classic spots in here and some new ones, but Tom uses all of them in the way he knows best: like a badass. Film/Edit: Chris Bracamonte Song: Bob Seger - Turn the Page Guest Appearances: Thaddeus Lee, Hobie Doan, Sammy Tedesco.

Tom is rocking our Drip Keys Bred tee, Brigade raglan and Bordeaux black tee

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