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8and9 Eats: Ramen Burger - South Street Seaport NYC

by Marino M

Sometimes you're on the go, I mean living in the Big Apple, you're trained to operate quickly, you're moving and working on a New York minute. So after an event we wanted to grab a quick bite to eat and we stumbled upon this little place in the middle of South Street Seaport. Now I've heard of the Ramen Burger and I remember reading a list of foods that you absolutely must try in the city.

Here's a little history, the original Ramen Burger was born in 2013 by Chef  Keizo Shimamoto and became an instant hit! It's been voted one of "the most influential burgers of all time" by Time magazine, that's huge. So we ordered a few and kept it simple, all we added was cheese. I tell you one thing it tastes great but I personally was wrapping my head around the texture of it, it was weird, but good nonetheless, it's a must try, atleast once in your life. Live a little! Stay tuned for our next installment of 8and9 Eats!

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