8and9 Eats: Juices For Life - Bronx, NY

by Marino M

8and9 Eats: Juices For Life - Bronx, NY

There's something for everybody in this city, it's huge, multi cultural, and diverse. Taking a departure from the usual, we decided to do something a little quicker and healthier. Because sometimes all you have is a few minutes to spare. Deep in the Castle Hill section of the Bronx enter "Juices For Life" but this isn't your average juice bar. this location was opened up by our fam Styles P in 2011.
Then menu is big and fully customizable with cool drink names like "Go Hard" "Super Thug" "Philly Freezer" and others. So we went with the "Berry Blast" with peanut butter as an add on, it's a combination of all the berries. Next up were the "OMG" and "Super Thug" the first is a blend of Orange, Mango, and Banana as an add on. The former is a mix of Ginger, Lemon, Apple, and Pineapple. It's enough to get your taste buds buzzing and the staff was beyond courteous and helpful. Also you might want to try a shot of Wheatgrass to detox that body. So roll through and get your juice on!

Juices For Life

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