4 Of The Hottest 8and9 Pieces To Match The Jordan Bordeaux 7

by Tim Stodzy

The release of the Jordan Bordeaux 7 has been nothing short of madness. The Jordan 7 itself remains to be one of the hypest retro releases. And the Bordeaux colorway is perfect for the summer leading into Fall.

8and9 came well prepared for this release. We put together an array of outfits that will keep you looking fresh from head to toe. This new release has been very exciting and has kept our shop buzzing for days.

We want to make sure you can find all that you need in one place. We got you covered on tees, shorts and sweats. 


You've heard us say it before - simplicity reigns supreme. We took advantage of the iconic zig zag pattern and matched the 8and9 keys to the Bordeaux color scheme. The keys logo can also be seen on the back of the shirt to up the ante one more level.


If you're looking to go all in on this sneaker match outfit, then be sure to pick up the matching Bordeaox Keys shorts. The same wild pattern with the same classic keys logo will pull your outfit together.  

If you're prefer the sweats over the shorts, we got you covered. Super luxe 100% cotton french terry sweat pants made in the USA.  Modern tailored fit. Slight drop crotch


This is the remix!! The Bordeaux 7 Pookie tee originally released in 2011. It's back to match the 2015 Jordan Bordeaux 7s!  Pookie, straight from New Jack City, "that sh#t just be callin' me man, it be callin' me, man." What else to say? Bordeaux Keys logo on the sleeve to match Bordeaux Keys Shorts and Sweatpants.

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  • I have been rocking with you guys since tall were basically just making Graphic Tees for sneakers that dropped on Saturdays…I used to always want to cop but didn’t really have the means too the first one I ended up copping was the Money over Fame Tee for the electric blue foams.Which I still have . But since then you’ll have came all the the way up sticking true to the soil and made your company huge and the one thing I can say I love the VERY MOST IS that you all always produce big sizes being a big guy it’s so Hard to find a 3x tshirt or a pair of joggers in size 44 or shorts In a 2 or 3x I love your company and will continue to support you all its hard for a bigger guy to be current with the fashion because it’s so hard to find

    Much love from the 757VA


    Jordan Ricks on

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