Celebrating The Anniversary of Cormega's "The Realness"

Today marks the 14th anniversary of Cormega’s first real offering to the hip hop world with the release of “The Realness”. Many would say “well, it’s the 14th anniversary, what’s so special about that?”. Nothing. But we at 8&9 MFG. Co. practically listen to this album religiously and it resonates through our brand. This album was practically a result of everything Cormega was going through from the time he was released from prison up to this point. Before he was even released, Mega was already buzzing in the industry due to Nas’ name dropping in “One Love” off of “Illmatic”. With his release, he solidified his spot by dropping jewels on various guests’ appearances. This first official album, released on July 25th, 2001, gave the hip hop world what they were waiting for.



“The Realness” featured some notable producers such The Alchemist, Havoc, Ayatollah, and a younger Sha Money XL before the G-Unit days. Songs such as “R U My Nigga?” and “Get Out My Way” are classic hip hop records but stand out records such as “American Beauty”, “Thun & Kicko”, and “You Don’t Want It” are some of fan’s favorites. In all honesty, my favorite track off of the album was “Killaz Theme II”, which was actually a hidden track. Production was extremely eerie along with the hauntingly sounding hook “We Gon’ Kill You” in the background. Not to mention rhymes like: “Son, you know the drilly, the drama is a part of me, Did time for cocaine, knives, and armed robbery”.Cormega paints vivid pictures on “The Realness”.



To celebrate the release of “The Realness”, 8&9 MFG. Co. links with Cormega once more to release “The Realness” Bucket Hat, each individually signed by Cormega himself, and in two colorways; black and camo. Extremely limited to 48 pieces. Grab one to wear and on to stash. Unstructured premium black bucket hat with flexible brim. Classic styling. Trench Mark woven. Two sizes s/m and l/xl fits up to size 8 1/4.

You can find the bucket hats HERE


Posted: Jul 24 2015
by: Napps Pascal

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