Streetwear Windmill Farm, Palm Springs Summer 15' [Photoshoot]

by Jason Peiso

Recently Our photographer Justin Butts took a trip to Palms Springs, CA To shoot on Location at the Windmill Farm. Jb Shot with @sirwaltgrizzly & @Nickylifestlyes in pieces the summer 2015 line.San Gorgonio Pass Wind Farm is a wind farm located on the eastern slope of the San Gorgonio Pass in Riverside County, just east of White Water, California, United States. Developed beginning in the 1980s, it is one of three major wind farms in California.

The Bordeaux Jordan 7, one of the shirts we made this summer to match one of the biggest release of the year, was one of the main center pieces of the shoot. This shirt comes in two variations one black and one white as here, you can now purchase both shirts here: Jordan Bordeaux 7 T Shirt Keys Jordan Bordeaux 7 T Shirt Keys .

A couple of the styles that were used in this shoot were:  90's BMX inspired Keep It Lit Black Infrared Tee,  jumbo front and back prints with multiple hits. Perfect for any infrared shoes match.

 Don't Ask Black T Shirt NOYFB new for summer '15.  Classic black and white simplicity reigns supreme. Don't Ask. One of my favorite looks for the summer.

Always Trust A Trench DwellerBlue collar inspirations for Summer '15. Classic bred color scheme. A Great match for any bred sneaker in your collection.

Justin also shot a couple of the new Tank Tops  that have arrived, these are top notch premium issue tank tops with the classic cut for summer.

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