Race Team Volt French Terry Shorts - Harlem NYC

by Ray Figgs

Volt has been a staple in our collections over the years. The classic colorway is most popular with sneaker heads because how often Nike and other brands use it.  The Nike Air Max 95 volt is set to re release this year, but even if that's not the type of shoe you're interested in, we have a few shorts that will match any volt release.

It's been a crazy summer so far in NYC. Marino and I headed to Harlem to grab some food from Dino BBQ, so we decided to grab a few shots of my fit. I'm wearing new Summer '15 Race Team french terry shorts, which as you can see, are race inspired.  The classic Heather/Volt/Black colorway easily matched my Nike Air Pillars. The Pillars are a personal favorite of mine, I was excted to grab these and our Volt Drip Keys shorts to match them. These shorts feature a  modern tailored fit, and cut off styling w/ raw edge. Slight drop crotch, sneaker lace drawstring, can't go wrong with these.Get these super luxe 100% cotton french terry shorts made in the USA while supplies last. Buy the Volt Race Team shorts here. Until next time... 


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