8&9 Eats: Hamachi Sushi - Brooklyn, NY

by Marino M

Bensonhurst, welcome to the Southwest side of Brooklyn, where Italian and Chinese cultures meet, its the main demographic of the neighborhood which gives this place a very unique and special flavor. Enter Hamachi Sushi, a place I've dined at more than a handful of times, what can I say the place is addictive. Now traditionally, Sushi is a Japanese style of food but it's usually adopted and implanted throughout Asian cuisine all across the board.
Hamachi Sushi is a charming, neat, quiet, restaurant right on the popular 86th street section of the neighborhood. The eatery also has hibachi for those looking to taste something else but I come here repeatedly for the all you can eat sushi special. Sushi can get expensive depending where you go so it's rare to find an all you can eat spot, so for the price of about $15, and a good variety of rolls it's a steal!
Pics Included: Rainbow Roll, Dragon Roll, Tuna Lover's Roll, California Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll, Seafood Tempura Roll, Kani Tempura Roll
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