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8&9 Eats: Cuba - Soho NYC

by Marino M

In a city with boroughs that are huge, culturally diverse, loud, fast, busy, and beautiful, there's a place to eat for any and everyone. Go to Chinatown for authentic Chinese cuisine, a few blocks down you'll find yourself in Little Italy where you can get some traditional Italian cuisine. But nestled quietly right outside of Greenwich Village enter Cuba, which is currently celebrating 10 years.

 Walk in and immediately you feel the vibe of Havana, the decor, neat, classic, and not overdone. There are two dining areas the second gives off the feeling of being more private but still in touch with the other diners.

 For starters we had the Empanadas Habaneras and Tostones Con Mojo. The Empanadas filled with shredded beef and accompanied by a green sauce, the best and freshest I've ever had. The Tostones equally delicious and the sauce was the perfect topping. Moving on to dinner the main courses a classic Churrasco with Chimchurri and mashed yucca with a side of Peruvian corn, and the Pollo Guajira. The Churrasco was nothing short of perfection, well seasoned, and the corn sweet, flavorful, and savory.

 Now the Pollo Guajira had to be made by a mad scientist who knows how to mix ingredients and flavored masturfully. With Mushrooms, Zucchini, Mozzarella cheese, and sweet plantain stuffed in the chicken breast it's a meal you'll be miss when it's eaten. This place is worth the visit and the prices are great for being in Manhattan. Next time I'll make sure to grab a mojito! 


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