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5 Memorable Sneakers Worn During The NBA Finals

by Ray Figgs

The 2015 NBA Finals are underway and the series has been super exciting so far. Being a sneakerhead for so long, I'm always looking to see what kicks are on the court during NBA games. Both Lebron and Steph Curry have their own signature shoe, as well as Kyrie Irving. Legendary moments happen during The Finals which can easily make a shoe being worn by a player a instant classic in the eyes of a sneakerhead. Let's take a look at my top 5 picks for best sneakers ever worn during the NBA Finals.

#5 Zoom Kobe 4

This shoes is significant because of Kobe wearing it on his road to his 4th Championship, and it also made low cut basketball sneakers popular. Now we have models like the KD7 and many others.

#4 Converse Weapons

Although you may have a hard time finding a sneaker head rocking Converse nowadays, it's impossible to not add this silhouette to the list. Magic Johnson and Larry Bird both wore this signature shoe in their teams colorways in 1984.


#3 Reebok Answer IV

The Reebok Answer IV is the shoe Allen Iverson wore in his only trip to the NBA FInals. Iverson had a huge impact on the NBA, and this is the shoe that was worn when he Infamously stepped over Lue after making his shot in the 2001 NBA Finals.


#2 Nike Lebron 9 Elite 

The shoe that Lebron James won his first NBA Championship in. This shoe was also the most expensive Nike release at the time. The shoe retailed for $250! Is Lebron the best player ever? We still have plenty of time to find out. the more championships he wins, the more of a classic this shoe becomes.


#1 Jordan bred 11

Definitely one of the best sneakers ever releases, regardless of the fact that Jordan won a championship wearing them during the 72-10 season in 1995 - 1996. The Jordan bred 11 takes the top spot for me. 

Now these are my personal picks. I wanted to keep the list diversified, or else I really would have just went with all Jordans lol. Till next time!

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