2019 SneakerCon Cleveland Recap

by Mike R

2019 SneakerCon Cleveland Recap

2019 SneakerCon Cleveland RecapSneakerCon Cleveland 2019 Banner

There are conventions for many things nowadays, "ComicCon, Cannabis Cup, Game Expo," so on and so forth, so no surprise that there is a sneaker convention, "SneakerCon." From Adidas to Reebok, the sneaker community has become a vast gathering of countless individuals who all share the same love and appreciation for sneakers and what they symbolize. They all congregate in convention centers from state to state all over the nation, it's quite an experience. If you have not been fortunate enough to indulge in this community of sneaker connoisseurs and how they cherish all of these amazing releases from Nike, Adidas, Jordan Brand, Reebok, and others, than you are truly missing out on an amazing adventure.

2019 SneakerCon Cleveland RecapSneakerCon: Trading Pit

On March 16, 2019, SneakerCon made its way to Cleveland, Ohio for the fourth year in a row, and the excitement didn't seem to fade at all. The venue was held at the Huntington Convention Center in Cleveland, which was massive in size and comfortably accommodated several vendors. The sneakers are not the only aspect of SneakerCon to enjoy, they provide education of the sneaker releases and promote sellers around. They use many different angles to strengthen the sneaker community; the "Trading Pit" is a small congregation of independent sellers mainly selling personal pairs and clothing from "hype" companies. The "Legit Check" is a panel of judges who are known to help assist with determining fakes releases from real ones, and aids people from getting taken advantage of. Then the "Customs," which primarily changes on the state can be freestyle designed clothes or sneakers at the event. This experience is hard to explain in words, you're just going to have to go and see. 

2019 SneakerCon Cleveland Recap 3SneakerCon Vendor: 8and9 Clothing MFG

2019 SneakerCon Cleveland Recap8and9 Clothing MFG Miami Backyard BBQ Setup

Welcome to the Backyard BBQ, 8and9 style! We are a major vendor at SneakerCon and decided to make the visit with us a more "friends and family" experience. Our newest setup of a "Backyard Style BBQ" makes all of our customers feel like they all got personal invites to help build and support our brand, like they are a part of the team as much as anyone else. From collections, collaborations with hometown heroes of YouTube or the community, to SneakerCon themselves, 8and9 has become more of a lifestyle than a brand that everyone can relate to. As we travel on tour with SneakerCon we will bring the friendly and chill vibes of our V.P. and reps to you so the party can begin, all you have to do is attend. Catch us at the next city, first beer's on us!

2019 SneakerCon Cleveland Recap

2019 SneakerCon Cleveland Recap

2019 SneakerCon Cleveland Recap

2019 SneakerCon Cleveland Recap

2019 SneakerCon Cleveland RecapSneaker Community

2019 SneakerCon Cleveland Recap 2SneakerCon Vlog: The Sneaker Conversation

2019 SneakerCon Cleveland Recap 5SneakerCon Guest: Jeff Goldblum

2019 SneakerCon Cleveland Recap 5SneakerCon Customs: Champion 

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