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2016 September Sneaker Con Atlanta Recap

by Mike R

2016 September Sneaker Con Atlanta Recap Sneaker Con Atlanta 9/17

Sneaker Con has made its way back to Atlanta, and boy was it something to see. If you missed out on the Sneaker Con Atlanta before this one, than check it out here, Sneaker Con ATL 2015. This year sneaker Con held their first Inaugural Hoops Classic starring the most watched YouTube Sneaker-head personalities. A compelling game of "who has more viewers" was actually an interesting idea. That was just one of the many attractions at Sneaker Con Atlanta this year, (as if thousands on Jordans and Yeezys isn't enough of a reason to bring you in.) From the Trading Pit to the 8and9 Table, all trades and sales continue to strengthen the event and its followers throughout time. Walking thru a sea of re-sellers and eager buyers gives you that open market feel, and showcases that true salesman skill not everyone has.

2016 September Sneaker Con Atlanta RecapMike Rich x 8and9 Collaboration Shirt- "Getcha Sum"

Since we was in Atlanta, it would only make sense to have one of the biggest "Shoetuber" from Atlanta, Mike Rich. We decided to collab with Mike Rich and turn one of his infamous sayings into a clean dope designed shirt for all of his fans, "Getcha Sum." As to no shock the shirt sold in huge amounts, however if you missed out on this collab there will be a restock available online, just click here to get your "Getcha Sum" Shirt.

2016 September Sneaker Con Atlanta RecapInaugural Hoops Classic 

The first ever Inaugural Hoops Classic is a friendly competitive game between famous sneaker vloggers or “Shoetubers,” and was surprisingly a good watch. Sneaker Con has continuously found ways to stay fresh and interesting after the all the years they have been around, and we cant wait to see what other ideas they have. Next year who are you rooting for, the Home Team or Away Team?

2016 September Sneaker Con Atlanta RecapSneaker Con Atlanta 9/17

You never know what you will find in Sneaker Con, from the collectors who have almost every rare and iconic sneaker releases, to those who have even the smallest items which have been cultural interests in the sneaker community. (I.E. the picture above.) Sneaker Con's growth is amazing to see first hand. Atlanta was fun and definitely a big event that did not disappoint those who attended. So until next time Atlanta, Sneaker Con will return and be better the next time around.

2016 September Sneaker Con Atlanta RecapUntil next time Atlanta!
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