Sneaker Con Washington DC April 18 2015 Recap

by Ray Figgs

Sneaker Con Washington DC April 18 2015 Recap. Sneaker Con returned to DC Saturday, April 18 2015. This event was highly anticipated and was super packed throughout the day! The Greatest Sneaker Show On Earth chose a different venue for this latest installment. The Dc Armory played host to the Saturday event. As always, the DMV showed us a lot of love at the last DC Sneaker Con event, so we were excited to come back.

We had lot of different things going on during the 12 to 7 time period of the show. Most people headed straight to the Sneaker Con Washington DC merchandise booth and grabbed our limited edition 8and9 x Freehand Profit Sneaker Con DC t shirt. This shirt was limited to 100 pieces and sold out by the end of the show.

Meanwhile at the 8&9 booth we had plenty of new items for sale! We brought coaches jackets, jerseys, new t shirts and hats. All items were first come, first serve and sizes were limited. We always suggest coming to check us early to secure your size at any Sneaker Con event.

Freehand Profit also brought new limited edition items for fans to purchase. The Nike Infrared Air max 90 mask was on display and also the new "Horse Racing" Air Trainer 3 mask. This was the first time fans were able to actually try the mask on and take pics. At 3pm freehand Profit dissected and chopped a pair of Atmos Air max 90's while patrons stood and watched in awe. 

Thanks for checking out our Sneaker Con Washington DC April 18 2015 Recap. And we're sending a big shout out to everyone who came by to show love and to all of our new fans. We'll see you at the next event! Photos via @KingCleezy


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