2015 Red Foamposite Shirt

by Ray Figgs

Red has become a very popular colorway within the sneaker community. It's a colorway that we've pushed heavily for years now. The Red Foamposite Pro is set to release April 11 2015 and we've made sure to provide you with the perfect shirt to match! 

Our Kustom Life 2015 Red Foamposite shirt is the best tee available on the market. Easily match the Red Foamposite Pro release and much more! Red Yeezy 2s or the recent Red Python release would also be a great look with this shirt. Classic red on red huge front and back hits along with both sleeves. Trenchmarked, you already know the 89ers are always on deck! Buy our Kustom Life 2015 Red Foamposite Shirt now!


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