2008……..and… 9 – We are here

by 8&9 Clothing

It’s good to be back. Actually, Eight & Nine never left. As the loyalists know we’ve been marketing, promoting, creating, & networking to position 8&9 exactly where you want it. Our banner years are approaching, 2008&9 are right around the corner and strategically everything has come together for us.

Personally, I’m excited to be writing and I want to explain what is to come. 8and9.blogspot.com is something we should have done years ago. This is the place you will find all the 8&9 news, and see new products before they are for sale. You’ll see our thoughts on everything from music to fashion to biters copy cats & mimics. You will also see photos of 8&9 models, shoots, dj’s, artists, parties and randomness from our daily lives. We are this culture. We are the true fusion of all that is street, skate, surf, hiphop and punk. We’ve done it all and will continue. Eight & Nine is not a corporate rendition or an extra source of income for this month’s hot celeb. We are real people with real principles and real hunger really making it happen. We have done Cut N Sew before anyone made the term a trend. We have lost some good people along the way and left a lot behind. We will continue to be ahead of our time this form will let you digest the reality of our project.

To all the DJ’s and people who have been there with us, you know exactly who you are and if you think your one of those people then we already beat you to it. You have my contacts, if not they are going at the bottom of this message. GET AT ME!! You play an intricate part in this movement and I love you for it. The time is now, we got you. This form will serve as an extra outlet to expose your personal brand to the world. You have my word that this is yours as much as ours. Lets get this done, 2008&9 is here.

I’ll be back soon with more.



e. Ray@8and9.com
2way: eightnnine@tmail.com (Best Contact)
o. 866.LIVE.8N9 x 108
f. 866.548.3869


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