Photo Update: 8&9 @ DunkXchange Miami

9.28.08 – 8&9 @ Dunkxchange Miami, what a day…..

To Curtis & Gary the Dunkxchange family, thank you again! As always good times, plus great music, tons of kicks and a bar! So it went down, we showed new products, sold t’s at unbeatable prices, gave away cd’s and had some supreme sneaker come ups like DS Olympic Vi’s for $250! Wow, we can’t wait for the show in NYC.

Check out the 8&9 Dunkxchange Photo Album on www.myspace.com8and9 also on the facebook Eight & Nine fan page

New T-Shirts on sale now!

Until Next Time…

Peace & Take Care

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Posted: Sep 28 2008
by: 8&9 Clothing

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