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Somber Note: Eight & Nine Alliance til forever…. TORO R.I.P. – "What it do SON!"

by 8&9 Clothing

10.19.08 – Eight & Nine Alliance Update:

Toro, big homie. Your name will be spoken proper, you did your city proud!   Eight  Nine Alliance for ever, Ill see you when I get the

This is a tough one for me, it’s personal and straight from the heart. As time passes, the world gets crazier and crazier. People take more pride in gun talk and bravado then they do in respect, dignity, and general principles. Saturday, the Eight & Nine Alliance lost a soldier and I lost a friend, a good one. When I came to Miami, the music scene wasn’t much to speak of on a National level. There was no Rick Ross, no Cool & Dre, no Fat Joe living in Miami, no Weezy, no video shoots every other week. This city, with a few key players and a ton of grinding put itself on the map. With that being said, some people are responsible and one of them is TORO.

Toro, put in his work, he was always everywhere, he was respected not feared, loved not taken for granted. From the first day, I ever met Toro, West of 7th Ave of course. I saw in his eyes that the kid was the truth, we shared a very simple respect of two people that understood we’d make it, be on top, and connect to cross our paths, join forces and further our movements. In the meantime, we kept on trucking. From Pitbull’s first video shoot ever, Trick Daddy with the Ozzy Osbourne sample, all the way to Shawty Lo and Mrs. Officer, Toro, you were everywhere homie and we never forgot to show each other the love and respect we earned seperatey but shared together. You were my man, a real dude and one that I won’t forget. I remember one of the days we talked about taking over the industry and came with the plan to get you 100k cd’s produced overseas for 10 cents each and sell them for a dollar. 10 times the initial investment recouped and 100k units in the streets. Genius plan, when I saw you with that stack of discs professionally packaged, ready for retail, I was impressed. I think I smiled for a week because I knew you were going to make it. We never even had a followup conversation you just took the initiative and made it happen. Its small things like that why, we respect you.

In this tragedy big homie, this loss that we don’t want to endure the look on your face when I saw you over this past birthday weekend is emblazed on my mind, fresh off a new deal, 2 chains on and the keys to that brand new car! That was a great day. Happy isn’t the word, I’m dam proud of you. There’s a list of reasons why your name will be spoken proper and your legacy will live on. This city owes you, you have my word that the streets are proud of you, the industry respects you and the people miss you already!

To the people, the 8&9 Alliance, the fans of Toro and the people who rock with us. I appreciate if you take the time to call 99 Jamz and remind them that Toro went hard for his city, he repped 99 100% of the time. Toro’s single “RIDE” should be in steady rotation at this point, featuring Rick Ross, its a banger.

866.991.Jamz is the request line #. It doesn’t matter what city you are in. Please call and request the record. It means a lot to me. Below is a music player and a link for your myspace pages, facebook, blog and anything else you think you want to do with it. Please do. Thank you.

1017919008toro_rickross_ride.mp3 – Toro, Rick Ross
Toro, featuring Rick Ross “Ride” ringtone. Download it for free!
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To check out the mediocre news coverage of this tragedy:

Toro: On myspace

In closing, Toro, its me homie, love til the end. Eight & Nine Alliance til forever.

Sincerely missing you,
-Ray G
Eight & Nine Designs

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