8&9 x DJ KC CHINO x NORE www.7dias7noches.net

by 8&9 Clothing


8&9 Alliance Update: Big up to DJ KC Chino and N.O.R.E.

www.7dias7noches.net is the #1 source for NYC party info, pics, news updates and of course all the info you need about DJ KC CHINO.
KC, we see you! Much respect, 2008and9 has been beautiful so far and sponsoring 7dias7noches.net is our pleasure! Keep up the good work, the second half of 2008and9 is going to be even bigger! We look forward to it. Thanks again!
Don’t forget to checkout www.7dias7noches.net and DJ KC CHINO @ www.myspace.com/djkcchino
Until next time…
Peace & Take Care

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