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"The Realest SH#T I Ever Wrote" From The Founder To Our Customers

by 8&9 Clothing

This is necessary, its 1:00 am.  Just finished sending 138 emails to 8&9 customers.  Today, thanks to the help of loyal 8&9 shoppers and thanks to social networks like twitter and facebook we identified a problem with our CONTACT US form on Basically, a glitch in the programming sent your messages to the abyss instead of delivering them to for us to reply.

Now, most of you probably don’t know this but 8&9 Clothing has made it this far with less than 5 people “on staff.”  We are fortunate to have a great network of like minded people we call The Alliance who helped us grow and contributed to our success.  But, bottom line, this business is ran by a few of us that sacrifice everything to dictate our own future.  No corporate interests, no investment money ever taken. This is 100% home grown independent success. We work extremely hard, most of the time 18 hours a day, sacrifice vacation, family time, partying and even the hobbies which crafted our personalities to build this brand.  There is more to be said about that and I’ll follow up with a monthly post “Five things you didn’t know about 8&9.”  But for now, the point is, without our customers we wouldn’t be here.

We truly appreciate everyone who shops with us and supports our movement with their purchases.  In “lost messages” which our one IT guy delivered to me, there were comments like, YOOOOOOO WTF AREN’T YOU REPLYING! and I TOOK A CHANCE ON YOUR COMPANY BUT YOU DON’T EVEN ANWSER MY EMAILS.  And the reality is, based on the circumstance, these messages were justified although out of our control.  A simple technical error caused distrust and frustration for some of our new shoppers. With our loyalists there were comments like I ALWAYS BUY FROM YOU AND GET FAST SERVICE WHAT’S GOING ON?

Now, we’ve identified the problem and will certainly go hard to resolve any issues that occurred as a result. But, I’m taking this moment to let all of our readers, retailers, followers, fans and shoppers how much I personally appreciate you.  It’s cliche, but without you none of this is possible.  This business takes more than most people imagine, we’ve built it as a family and are very proud of what we’ve done, grateful for our accomplishments and humbled by the loyal support and all the love from our repeat customers.

Moving forward, you can expect the blood, sweat and tears we’ve always put into our work.  By, the end of this week, you’ll forget this ever happened because we’ll make it up to you.   If you have any questions or even feedback, if I can help you in anyway email me directly, if I need to call you, send your phone #. I’ll be glad to do it.

In closing, thank you again, for everything.  If our communication lapse affected you. I apologize and appreciate the opportunity to make it right.


Ray Guilbault

Founder/Creative Director

Eight & Nine Designs

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