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Interview: Ray Guilbault Founder Of 8&9 Clothing by Soletron

by 8&9 Clothing

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“So we sat down with Ray from Eight & Nine Designs out of Miami, Florida.  THIS IS ONE OF THE HOTTEST BRANDS IN THE U.S.! Ray was pretty modest, but there are tons of celebs that are currently rocking this (see below), and these shirts have found their way into numerous rap videos. The material is clean, doesn’t wash out, and will always get a sneakerhead numerous compliments.   Stay tuned for us to get Eight & Nine Designs on Soletron!!! You can check them out at www.8and9.com”

Interview Questions

So tell us a little on the company’s background?  How did it get started?

“8&9 Clothing: independent streetwear company. 8&9 started making clothes in 2001 as the antithesis to corporate urban lines dominating the marketplace. There was no “streetwear” at the time so we set out to merge  street, skate and urban under one umbrella.  We started from the idea it could be done with no experience and all the money I’d saved.”


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