New Video: Miami Beach Police Fire 100+ Shots Kill Unarmed Man Destroy Evidence

by 8&9 Clothing

If you’ve been following 8&9 Clothing more than a few years you’ll probably remember our COP DON’T SHOOT t shirts. We released the concept based on the Nintendo game Duck Hunt and it was hugely received, worn by KRS ONE, Kid Capri and others.  The release was motivated by the death of Sean Bell and the blatant disregard for life shown by American police officers.  Our message was bold but non-violent, even some police officers saw and agreed with the point posing for pictures.

Fast forward 2011, the situation in our country is worse. Police do not give a single flying F about most of the people they’re sworn to protect.   These coppers right here, in this video, are something else. They fire over 100 shots at an unarmed man on the busiest strip of a tourist destination during the biggest beach weekend of the year. And then, like any thorough gangster should, they search for the camera’s and attempt to destroy any evidence. At one point, it even seems the cops are prepared to kill a witness to their crime. Lucky, for this person she was level headed enough to keep the car in park or she toowould be dead and we wouldn’t have this footage.

“Images of last week’s fatal police shooting in Miami Beach have been released. Here you see footage recorded on a cell phone by Narces Benoit. The police are surrounding a car driven by Raymond Herisse. Then they started firing at the 22-year- old. Herisse was killed, three officers and four bystanders were injured. Benoit and his girlfriend, Ericka Davis, are accusing authorities of destroying evidence and intimidation. They say the only reason this video is still around because they were able to hide a memory card before authorities smashed the phone that captured this incident. They have hired a lawyer, saying they “want the right thing to be done.”” – Collins. (Posted by @Mahad_woldstar)

God bless the friends and family of this victim and Narces Benoit for having the courage to stand and record while police let off 100 shots sending everyone else fleeing.

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