#ThrowBackThursday Cam’ron – Horse & Carriage

Come on man. Everybody was on that Harlem Diddy Bop then!!

That’s when I say “they don’t know who gat this is”
(And you don’t know) Yo’ guns is hand me downs
(And you don’t know) We’ll put you where you can’t be found
(And you don’t know) You better toughin’ up
(Cause you don’t know) Nigga will fuckyou up
(And you don’t know) Baby, we don’t need you
And when it comes to ‘Jimmy,’ my name’s ‘me’ too
‘Cause when he got cash, I was like “me too”
And when he got ass I said “me too”
And when he got the drop I was like “me too”
And when he almost got shot I said “me too”

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Posted: Jul 26 2012
by: Napps Pascal

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