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Dont Believe The Hype

by Ray Figgs

As many of you know I have been a buying kicks for quite some time now. I’ve seen the game change for the better and for the worse. The over saturation of sneakers has forced me to start looking towards other means of footwear. I’m bitter that my beloved foams are no longer exclusive, I enjoy the colorways but I’m losing the love for them, as Nike continues to drop more and more colorways, and 2013 is looking like it wont be any different. At the same time I appreciate the fact that there is so much too choose from style wise from many different companies, but it still doesn’t change the hype factor or the fact that the prices especially on basketball sneakers are at a all time high. I would love to buy every hyperposite that drops, but do I wanna shell out $225 plus tax for every pair? What about Lebron 10s? Shit another 100 + and you can get some Gucci footwear. Anyway enough rambling, if you follow me on instagram and twitter @figgs8and9, you will start to see some changes I am going to make to my collection, this Tumblr pic inspired this post, check it after the jump! via SF

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