Blink 182 Begins Recording New Album

After celebrating their 20th anniversary, Blink 182 has announced that they have begun recording a new album. This album will be Blink’s seventh studio album. Being a huge Blink fan, I’m beyond stoked for this but because this band has basically been a part of my life for over a decade now, and I know their history (they had a gnarly downfall in 2005 that led to a 4 year hiatus and came back together after their drummer, Travis Barker, nearly died in a plane accident in 2008 and their longtime friend/producer, Jerry Finn died the same year), I’m a bit on the fence. But before I stick my foot in my mouth and say anymore, I, as well as every other Blink 182 fan around the world, will do the one and only thing we can. Wait.

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Posted: Oct 03 2012
by: Elliot Macaluso

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