Important Voting Day Tips!

Important Voting Day Tips! Prepare yourself for Election Day 2012.

No matter who you choose to vote for it’s important to vote! Here are important things to know about registering and voting. Last day to register is October 9th.

In order to register to vote in Florida, you must:

Be a Citizen of the United States of America (a lawful permanent resident is not a U.S. citizen)

Be a Florida resident

Be 18 years old (you may pre-register to vote if you are 16 years old, but you cannot vote until
you are 18 years old).

Provide your current and valid Florida driver’s license number or Florida identification card number. has an easy and fast registering process if you have yet to apply for a
voter’s registration card.

Voting Day Tips

Make sure you go to the right place. You can only vote where you are registered. Make sureyou double check your location on your Voters Registration card.

Bring ID. Most voters are not asked for identification, but some are, especially those who are voting for the first time or who haven’t voted in a few years. Your driver’s license will work. You can also use a recent utility bill or rent receipt on landlord’s letterhead.

Know your rights. If you make a mistake on your ballot, just ask for a new one. You have the right to receive up to two replacement ballots if you make a mistake and spoil yours.

Ask for help! Don’t be afraid to ask a question if you are uncertain about something on the ballot. Poll workers are available to help. They won’t help you make a voting decision but they will help make sure you are able to cast a ballot that counts.

Exercise your right. Vote 2012!

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Posted: Oct 04 2012
by: Elisa Fierce

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