Music: Blink182 Leaves Major Label/Gets “Reimagined” By Future Idiots

by Elliot Macaluso

Tom Delonge (vocals/guitars) has announced via Instagram that the pop-punk trio has left the label they were on for 15 years and have decided to become an independent artist by posting a picture of Mel Gibson in “Braveheart” with the caption “Freedom! [Blink-182] as of today, is now an independent Artist.”

Blink 182 has been on  Universal Music Group for the past 15 years and while I havent found out if they left for a reason besides just wanting to become an independent artist yet, they are at that level where they dont need a major label to back them. More money in their pockets.

In other news, pop-punk band, “Future Idiots” have recorded a cover of Blink 182’s, Neighborhoods, in a hopes to reimagine what the new record would sound like if it were done a few years back. The band wanted the new album to sound like “earlier Blink-182 records.”

I can imagine that the reason for doing this is because Blink has strayed so far from what they used to be, and even though I love their last album, It’s still weird to hear Tom sing the way he does now and not to mention, the music is definitely way slower and more melodic. Anyway, the “reimagined” album is called “Neighborhoods and Morning Woods” and you can hear it below:

[bandcamp album=173890295 bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=4285BB size=venti]


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