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Dj Majestic

by 8&9 Clothing

Had the opportunity to shoot with Dj Majestic this past weekend. Humble yute with a drive and ambition to constantly reach new accomplishments.

DJ Majestic, “Maji” as he is affectionately known, hails from the small twin island of Trinidad & Tobago. Finding himself surrounded by the music from a young age, “Maji” was a natural in anything that made music. From the piano to the drums “Maji” excelled at any musical instrument he put his hands on. By the time “Maji” was ten years old, he was composing original songs and quickly evolved into a passionate song writer. Over the years “Maji” developed his skills and music appreciation, and now goes by the name DJ Majestic, one of the most celebrated deejays/singer/songwriter from Trinidad to Washington DC. You can find him on  www.facebook.com/majitheone and follow him onwww.twitter.com/majitheone.
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