Beanie Gets More Time For Drug Charge

by Jetpack

beans cell


Beans,beans,beans Yesterday Beanie Sigel got added 6 to 23 months onto his two year sentence after pleading guilty to drug possession.Last August during a traffic stop Beans was found with Weed,Pills, and Codeine Cough Syrup also a .38 Caliber pistol.The way i see it Beans is like that uncle that just came home from the big house and cant seem to get it right ,in the back of your mind your thinking its only a matter of time before they go back. On that note free the big homie Beanie Sigel heres a classic from the fallen dynasty (Even though what we do is wrong) who knows maybe this bid will be the inspiration to his best album and hopefully he can make more timeless records like the one featured below enjoy ,peace.

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