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casual fridays: get your footwear game right

by Jetpack

Del-Toro-x-Grungy-Gentleman (1)

here at eight and nine we hold sneakers close to our hearts but in the words of (ray g) “every peice of footwear has its place and time , that place and time is definatly casual fridays.featured up top is Italian-made and Miami-based men’s footwear brand Del Toro  x  Grungy Gentleman , today were spotlighting the del toro wingtips and the approach the brand has taken to give a new twist too an old classic.

Del-Toro-Shoes-Shoe-Gallery-Persian-Rug-WingTips-01 (1)


winged tips have definatly been a major asset to the game for years. Its almost like a status symbol,used the right way it can definatly make a statement when there is one to be made. For those who might find it to be an out dated look or too toned down, your prayers have been answer’d Miami based brand Del Toro has a few things you will appreciate for example the shoe featured above Shoe Galley x Del Toro is the perfect balance of a classic silhouette,color schemes,style and the materials we crave in this day and age. Now for those of us who are fans of this great style and want too take a more toned down cleaner approach  the shoes featured under will definatly remind you of why you have a love for this look.Stay tuned till next weeks addition to Casual Fridays. PEACE

del pyth del-toro-alto-oxford-wingtip-7

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