Yeezy Air Jordan 3 Pack by DeJesus Customs

by Ray Figgs

DeJesus completes the Holy Yeezy Trinity by finishing the Yeezy 1 inspired Air Jordan 3′s in a set. The special The Yeezy Air Jordan 3 renditions are inspired by Kanye West’s first collaboration with Nike, and display almost every single aspect featured on the first Yeezy, including the Glow in the Dark Sole. Check out more photos after the Jump and let us know if you would like to see these joints release in the future? via MN

The Yeezy Air Jordan 3 pack is dope in my opinion. But I mean I love Jordan 3’s and I love Yeezy 1s so of course a Yeezy Air Jordan 3 would excite me! What do you guys think? Would you buy these customs?

yeezy air jordan 3 yeezy air jordan 3



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