Hightimes is saying:Boycott the Discovery Channel!

POT COPS Discovery channel

The arrest and incarceration of marijuana growers should not be prime time entertainment. Lately the Discovery Channel has been promoting a block of programming they call “Weed Wednesdays” featuring two shows, Pot Cops and Weed Country. Pot Cops is exactly what the title says, a show that follows police as they arrest marijuana growers. Bust after bust, the show creates entertainment out of other people’s misfortune. It is the worst kind of programming imaginable.

Weed Country features interviews with people in the pot world as well as cops. While a few of the characters, including Mike Boutin and BE Smith, provide good insight into the world of growing and medical marijuana (as HIGH TIMES readers have pointed out), it is still replete with scenes featuring police carrying assault weapons into pot gardens, hunting for growers.Any time a television crew embeds with drug agents, those agents are going to feel pressured to make a bust, so the people at the Discovery Channel are actually exacerbating the situation and creating busts where busts might not have happened. Marijuana growers are not criminals, they are farmers who are stuck in an unfortunate situation wherein they are subject to punishment due to laws that are misguided and immoral.


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Posted: Apr 04 2013
by: Jetpack

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