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Nike Air Max “Home Turf” Collection – US Release Info

by Jetpack



Nike had a confirmed release date for the Nike Air Max “Home Turf Collection and is releasing them in packs that represent each city. The Milan set features two pairs of 97’s, a pair of Air Max 1’s and Air Max 90s will be dropping April 20th along with allot of premium foot-wear. The next set of Air Max “Home Turfs” will be the Paris set that drops April 27th. A week later four more pairs of premium Air-Max’s will drop to complete 2/3rds of the “Home Turf” pack. The final installment of the “Home Turf” Collection is The London set these Air-Maxes drop May 4th the sneakers are releasing Via Twitter Link only. Check out a better look at the Air Max Home Turf Collection  in the gallery’s below.


MILAN COLLECTION nike-air-max-home-turf-us-release-info-10 nike-air-max-home-turf-us-release-info-06 nike-air-max-home-turf-us-release-info-11 nike-air-max-home-turf-us-release-info-05


nike-air-max-home-turf-us-release-info-13 nike-air-max-home-turf-us-release-info-12 nike-air-max-home-turf-us-release-info-07 nike-air-max-home-turf-us-release-info-08



nike-air-max-home-turf-us-release-info-3 nike-air-max-home-turf-us-release-info-04 nike-air-max-home-turf-us-release-info-2 nike-air-max-home-turf-us-release-info-09




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