Nike Air Max 1 “Skunk” Customs by Dank


Yesterday these Air Max 1 “skunk” customs went up for auction to celebrate the coveted 4/20 holiday Decadefootwear and Dank teamed us to bring us a “Skunk” Air Max 1 perfect timing for 4/20. The Air Max 1 custom sports the same two toned green suede as the “Skunk” SB Dunks with purple laces and a lime green sole. They skipped no details when making this custom they even added the same orange stitching just as its  Skunk SB counterpart, the mystery here is where they got the suede for the shoe and/or how they made the suede as it is identical to the Skunk SB down to the white fuzz that was used to resemble a crystals on the skunk inspired sneakers they even come with a stash pocket on the inside of the sneaker which is a dope plus. The shoes are one of one and are still on auction for a few more hours via ebay so far the bid is at $2500 making this custom pretty pricy.I know what some people are thinking $2500 on skunk for 4/20 and its for my feet not my lungs? yea pretty crazy, take a look at the gallery below at the Skunk AirMax 1 customs y Dank and DecadeFootwear and keep it locked here at

nike-air-max-1-skunk-7 nike-air-max-1-skunk-1 nike-air-max-1-skunk-3


nike-air-max-1-skunk-2 nike-air-max-1-skunk-5 nike-air-max-1-skunk-4

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Posted: Apr 17 2013
by: Jetpack

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