Wacom Bamboo Stylus Mini for Tablets and Smartphones

by Ray Figgs

“For those tablet and smartphone owners whose devices come sans stylus, Wacom’s got your back. The company’s latest gadget measures just 1.85 inches long and comes in a variety of colors. The mini stylus attaches to your device’s headphone jack when not in use and features a brass-plated body along with a nib that is easily replaceable with soft or firm-touch options.

Check out the device above and order yours straight from the source.” via HS

wacom-bamboo-stylus-mini-for-tablets-and-smartphones-02-630x419 wacom-bamboo-stylus-mini-for-tablets-and-smartphones-04-630x419 wacom-bamboo-stylus-mini-for-tablets-and-smartphones-01-630x419 wacom-bamboo-stylus-mini-for-tablets-and-smartphones-03-630x419 wacom-bamboo-stylus-mini-for-tablets-and-smartphones-02-630x419


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