Releasing July: Reebok Classics- LX 8500 (Vintage Pack)

reebok-lx-8500-08-900x450Checkout the Reebok Classics “Vintage Pack” hitting retailers next month which features two pairs of LX 8500’s. This vintage inspired collection features old school brandin, an old school silhouette and pre-aged sole’s giving you a real vintage vibe. The use of these neutral colors furthers the vintage vibe. A navy blue leather upper was contrasted nicely using white and grey throughout the sneaker for the perfect balance of colors. The second pair is a flip to the first color-scheme this one features a gray upper contrasted by hints of white and navy blue, both sneaker feature the yellow pre-aged sole’s which is going to be one of the things that make these sneakers great. Checkout the gallery below for a better look at the Reebok Classics “Vintage” Lx8500’s. Keep it locked here at for more from Reebok and all your favorite brands.



reebok-lx-8500-02-900x450 reebok-lx-8500-03-900x450 reebok-lx-8500-11 reebok-lx-8500-06-900x450 reebok-lx-8500-08-900x450 reebok-lx-8500-09-900x450 reebok-lx-8500-12-900x450 reebok-lx-8500-05





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Posted: Jun 11 2013
by: Jetpack

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