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Supreme and Married to the Mob Case Over

by Ray Figgs


“The streetwear world can breathe a little easier; Supreme and Leah McSweeney’s brand, Married to the Mob, have decided to dismiss their court cases against each other.

The trouble started when Supreme launched a $10 million lawsuit against McSweeney and her brand, claiming the brand’s “Supreme Bitch” logo was infringement on Supreme’s well-known Box Logo. But all of that mess has come to a rest.

On June 13, both parties officially signed documents that stated they would dismiss their claim and counterclaim against each other. Hypebeast leaked the legal document, and it states that an amicable agreement has been reached between the two parties. There’s no word on what the agreement actually was, but we’ll have to wait and see if McSweeney continues to produce “Supreme Bitch” merchandise.

Still, we won’t forget Barbara Kruger, the artist who inspired Supreme’s box logo, and her response to the legal issue, calling everyone involved in the situation a “ridiculous clusterfuck of totally uncool jokers.” Or even the exuberant amount of parody T-shirts that were spawn from the controversy. Fortunately, no legal ruling still leaves wiggle room for brands who make their living off clever logo flips. So it’s safe to say, this decision was a win for streetwear.”

via Complex

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