Checkout: KD 6 (Bamboo) “Special Packaging”

by Jetpack

nike-kd-6-bamboo-special-packagingHeres a look at the super exclusive special packaging for the “Bamboo” KD 6’s that was said to be limited to 50 peices. The box is made out of “Bamboo and engraved with the KD branding and a few other Chinese symbols and words. The sneaker we just recently released, but this is the firsdt glimpse were getting of this dope premium packaging Nike has slowley started to get more in the rythem of making some dope special packaging  hopefully things like this get a more positive response maybe Nike would start mass producing certain releases with premium packaging as opposed to the average card board box. Take a look at the gallery below for another look at the “Bamboo” KD 6’s and ist premium packaging.


nike-kd-6-bamboo-special-packaging-01-570x570 nike-kd-6-bamboo-special-packaging-02-570x570 nike-kd-6-bamboo-special-packaging-05-570x570 nike-kd-6-bamboo-special-packaging

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