Jul. 20th NikkiSiixx.Com & @8and9 Clothing Line Presents #NETWERK

by Napps Pascal


@NikkiSiixx If you’re looking for a place to REALLY network face to face with good people in Miami, you should definitely attend this Netwerk event nikkisiixx.com is putting on at the 8and9 Showroom on July 20. The event is FREE and a place where bloggers, videographers, and music lovers can come chill, shop, and enjoy performances from local acts with like minds. Bring Material to hand out. Business Cards, CD’s, & Stickers. “Make An Impression, Meet Face To Face”. I always love attending her events when I get a chance to because I hate going to events where people act Hollywood or bougie. Her events are the complete opposite. Relax, friendly, and enjoyable. Check out the official event page for all of the details. See you there!

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