8and9 T Shirts To Match Fire Red Jordans

by Ray Figgs

The Fire Red colorway is extremely popular in the sneakerhead community. It also happens to be my favorite, its not by coincidence we here at 8&9 Clothing just happen to have a lot of shirts to match Fire Red Jordans. Check out these shirts to match Fire Red Jordans after the jump!

shirt to match jordan fire red 3

First up in a long line of dope shirts to match Jordan fire red 3. This Brain Gang T Shirt is Inspired by the MLB. The colorway is Vintage Charcoal Heather/Fire Red/White. This one is a homerun with front and back print. You reppin’  the home team with this Brain Gang classic or what? Click here to buy Brain Gang shirt to match Jordan fire red 3.

OG 8and9 Vintage Fire Red T Shirt. This classic  tee is inspired by muscle cars, 50′s gas stations, and classic American lifestyle. New Clean simple streetwear for 2013 and beyond. This vintage print is one of the best  shirts to match Jordan Fire Red 3 and  5.

This Things Done Changed. T Shirt aka Crack Rocks is now available. The color match is flawless, definitely the one of the best shirts to match fire red Jordans 3 and 5.  Besides that, what a classic verse to pay  homage too. Crack Rocks & Jump Shots, Summer ’13 Notorious inspirations. Things done changed in red/black colorway for 2013. Click here to buy Fire Red Crack Rocks tee.

Summer ’13’s latest. Red/Black Brain Matter Tank Top. A instant classic this is a slim fit, tank top with all over Brain Matter print. This is another dope way to match Jordan fire red 5. Click here to buy Brain Matter tank.

shirts to match fire red jordans

This Fire Red Fresher than 1000 virgins tank is a og classic as of now. It is completely sold out but you never now when it may return! Click here to see tank.

shirts to match fire red jordans


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