Fire Red Jordan 3: Releasing August 3rd

by Jetpack

Fire Red Jordan 3

2013 Fire Red Jordan 3

The Fire Red Jordan 3 is making its way back into our closets hitting retailers August 3rd.. Its been 25 years since the Fire Red Jordan 3 was released, forever changing Jordan Brand. The Fire Red Jordan 3 color scheme hadn’t been seen till it was retro’d in 2007 along with a huge arsenal of 3’s. And Now after a six year hiatus the coveted Fire Red Jordan 3 will once again be the topic if discussion once they hit retailers next week.This year marks the 25th anniversary of this great Jordan silhouette a quarter of a century and the Fire Red Jordan 3 is still relevant and highly sought after that being said the Fire Red Jordan 3 and the Jordan 3 silhouette period are absolutely iconic. Throughout the years the sneaker game has gone through a few changes and transformations and although styles change and trends and fads die out the Fire Red Jordan 3’s classic legendary look has outlasted the competition.

The Jordan 3 is hands down one of the most wanted Jordan’s and the Fire Red Jordan 3 is one of the greatest 3’s created. When the sneaker was retro’d in 2007 it was a big deal being that it was the first time in two decades that the Fire Red Jordan 3 was available. So this time around it will be an even bigger deal being that who ever missed their chance to get them last time will want them, also a whole new generation just as thirsty for the legendary Fire Red Jordan 3. One of the reason’s why the Fire red Jordan 3’s are so legendary is do to their classic color scheme. Similar to the White Cement Jordan 3’s the Fire Red Jordan 3’s  feature a white upper with more red throughout the sneaker with black elephant print instead of the conventional gray print, Take a look at the gallery below for a better look at the 2013 Fire red Jordan 3’s.

fire3 fire35 fire34 fire31 fire33 fire32

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