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To Dab or Not to Dab

by Big Brooks


A lot of questions have surfaced about Dabbing. What are the medical benefits, if any?, Is it better than Marijuana?, Is it safe? Studies show that marijuana aids with the curing of cancer and helps with glaucoma.

When smoking marijuana that has only 10 to 27 percent THC many feel we are wasting it’s true potential. When smoking a concentrated oils and waxes , those usually test out between 50 and 80 percent. That was a couple of years ago. Now with different types like budder, and shatter. They have been coming back at astounding numbers of 90 and up

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Some other benefits of concentrates include: easier on the lungs, mold free and a less pungent smell. It’s very discreet if using a “ Vape Pen “. Safety questions arise from the methods used. Hash oils and  waxes can be extracted using a solvents such as butane (BHO) If not made properly it can potentially do more bad than good. With Studies showing that shatter is the safest form of BHO, and the new CO2 and water methods are making it safer. Dabbing is becoming the new wave of getting MEDICATED

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Here goes an instructional video for those interested on learning how to dabb.Keep it tuned in here on Eight and Nine  for all you medicinal news.

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