How to Spot Fake Jordans

How To Spot Fake Jordans & Know You’ve Got Qualified Kicks


Fake Jordans

Real Jordans vs. Fake Jordans: Can you tell the difference?


Fake Jordans have been on a steady rise as long as Jordans have been around. In recent years, however, fake Jordans have been getting harder to spot with higher grade knock offs being produced. Jordan prices are bullet proof, they’re not going down, but the demand keeps rising. That means there’s a profit to be made and there are plenty of people grabbing up multiples to resell online, in store fronts or out in the alley. We’ve all Googled “cheap air jordans” and clicked through to websites with barely understandable English. As an 8&9er repping legit gear, we’ve put together some ways to help you spot fake Jordans and shop with informed eyes.


1. You Didn’t Get Lucky – You Got Suckered



Fake Jordans

Unless an apocalypse arrives you probably wont find any legit DS Concords from any year for 49$-55$.



Time to get obvious here. No matter how good of a day you’re having, you’re not gonna score a pair of legit Retro 11 Concords behind Dunkin’ Donuts. It’s what it is – you didn’t happen upon the find of a lifetime, you got hustled. The same goes for online retailers. If it’s too good to be true, know that it really isn’t good and it really isn’t true. You’re not getting Jordans for $59.99 – You’re getting fake Jordan’s for $59.99 plus tax, shipping and handling with inevitable return fees. That’s if they even honor returns. The same goes in an auction – you didn’t win, you lost money and a whole lot of common sense. They won’t be good, comfortable or even passably fake Jordans.


2. They Look Good, They’re Priced Right – Buy or Pass?


Fake Jordans

One of the telltale signs – the infamous Jumpman.


Fake Jordans come with a lot of immediate tells, both online and in the store. Do they have a box? If not, pass. If so, check the box tag for acronyms, spelling mistakes and condensed language. Air Jordan Retro 11 Concords won’t be printed “A JRDN Ret 11 Cncrd”, it’ll be fully written out. Does the box have a DO NOT LAUNCH BEFORE tag? If so, you’re looking good. How many pictures are up? If none or they’re all stock photos, pass. If they have close ups, check for color bleed, triangle shaped imperfections in the canvas and enlarge the Jumpman. The Jumpman should be embroidered with four fingers on his free hand and the thumb should be pointed toward his body. Trust your eye when it comes to height and gloss. Fake Jordans are generally smaller and dull. If it doesn’t stack up in your eyes now, it probably won’t stack up out of the box.


3. You Have Them – Now What?


Fake Jordans

Fake Jordans vs. Real Jordans: Can you tell the difference?


Whether you bought them and they just arrived or you’re holding a pair in the store, it’s time to compare. The best defense is sizing it up against a legit pair. Fake Jordans don’t usually have the same height. They’ve gotten better, but the gloss is still an issue. If your old kicks have a better shine than these new ones, chances are good that you’ve got a fake. Even beat Jordans still have a firm Achilles and tongue. If you can press your thumb into the back and there isn’t resistance, or the tongue slouches, you’ve been had. Check the carbon fiber – is it solid or is it painted on? Real carbon fiber isn’t going to flake off if you scratch it! Inspect closer for color bleed and triangular imperfections in the canvas. A legit color way will have well defined boundaries in the canvas should show straight lines. Lastly, go inside. Can you remove the insole? You’ve got fake Jordans. Is the tag perforated in any way? Fake Jordans.   Don’t get got. Check your gear and keep your eyes open.

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Posted: Aug 30 2013
by: Tim Stoddart

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