Nike Zoom Revis “112″

by Ray Figgs

nike-zoom-revis-112-summaryDJ Clark Kent, the man behind that instantly recognizable “112″ sneaker theme, pretty much promised that he had another project with Nike on the way that was coming to retail. The Nike Zoom Revis shown was assumed by many to be that style, but we’re not gonna go ahead and bill them and such. The friends and family pairs have been passed around to the inner circles of both Clark and Darrelle, who have been helpful enough to give out looks at them via some social media bragging. Continue reading to get the best look yet at this trainer creation from Clark and tell us in the comments if you like what you see. via SN

nike-zoom-revis-112-02-570x367 nike-zoom-revis-112-06-570x367 nike-zoom-revis-112-summary

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