Dough Boy “Ice Cube” Inspired Art By Maykolstein.

by Maykol M

ice cube

I am inspired by a lot of things, Hip-hop music being number one. I live by the lyrics of A Tribe Called Quest, Wu Tang Clan, N.W.A., Nas, Rakim, Outkast- the list goes on. This particular idea came to be while watching the movie “Boyz N The Hood“.  Being that I’m an avid Ice Cube fan, making this piece came naturally. Using flat and glossy comic cutouts to fill stencils gives each of my pieces a cool contrast between the different textured mediums. The process of layering the pieces comes naturally. I fit it all together in a way that I know represents what I want to put out there. If I finish and I’m not feeling it, I trash it and start over. I have to love it. It has to represent me.

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