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Sneaker Keychains

by Tim Stoddart

Whether you’re just that big of a sneakerhead or you want your kid to have a keychain that they’ll actually hang on to, we’ve got the right fit for you.

Sneaker Keychains

Of course 8&9 has the best of exclusive sneaker culture and goodies – right down to your keys. Our sneaker keychains are plastic molded and have intricate detail painted to look just like the originals kicks.From the Air Jordan 1 to Foamposites, our sneaker keychains come in a variety of classic shoe styles that will set off some envy or make you actually prefer your spare keys.Our sneaker keychains are 1/6th scale replicas with real shoe laces and sole detailing. They’re perfect as collectibles or start your young sneakerhead off right with a back to school accessory on their book bag or hoodie zipper.

Sneaker Keychains

Stocking stuffer time? Sneaker keychains trump chap stick and candy canes, for sure. Whether a Nike Supreme Dunk High or the Nike Air Max 95 Neon Low, your sneaker keychains can rep the runner or the street wear junkie in you.If you’ve got your eye on a few Air Jordan Banned 1 sneaker keychains, snatch them up ASAP. The original “outlaw” shoe – known for it’s $5,000 repercussions every time Michael Jordan stepped on the court wearing them. They’re extremely limited and bound to sell out fast. The good news is our sneaker keychains, while mini, still qualify for free shipping on all orders of over $50.

Sneaker Keychains

Whether you’re buying out the Jordan Banned 1 or adding it on to the rest of your gear order, we’ve got you set up with free priority shipping.Maybe you’re *really* sick with it and you’ve got most of the full size line up of these sneaker keychains. Time to match it up with the outfit and leave your keys on the table. We won’t judge. We’ve all got addictions, man. It just so happens yours is the best of them. Just don’t let us catch you putting on puppet shows with these bad boys or letting your kid stick them on his super heroes. Batman knew better than to scuff his Foamposite One Cactus’ on crime fighting.

Sneaker Keychains

BE ADVISED – our sneaker keychains are NOT produced by Nike or the Jordan Brand. At 8&9 we guarantee satisfaction on all of our items including our sneaker keychains. We carry Nike SB Dunk High and Low, Jordan I-XXIII Air Force One’s, limited edition Nike Dunk & Blazer keychains.

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