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Checkout: Air Jordan Counting Book by Jacinta Danielle Conza

by Jetpack



Jordan foot-wear and the Jordan Brand legacy have reached farther than people could even imagine. Today we are giving you a look at the “My First Number Book – For Little Sneakerheads” by Jancinta Daniella Conzo. The book shows kids to count from 1 to 10 using Jordans and their numbers.  For each Jordan there is a page that has that sneakers number and that sneaker as many times as what ever number it is. The“My First Number Book – For Little Sneakerheads”  book comes in a special box also come in a sneaker’d out book decorated with laces and more. The book also features info on each sneaker like its name and the year it was released. Take a look at the entire book in the gallery below and keep it locked here at for more and purchase the book after the jump.






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