Coming Soon: Ewing Athletics – Ewing Guard 2 colors

by Jetpack



Sneaker News and Select have given us a preview of the Ewing Guards that will be hitting retailers soon. This will be the 3rd silhouette to come back from the past for Ewing Athletics, making the future promising for all the other EA silhouettes that haven’t made their way back to the world. in this preview you can see two different color-scheme’s  a Knicks inspired color scheme and a black and peanut butter color-way. The Knicks inspired color features a softer brighter blue than the original royal blue in suede with accents of white and orange throughout the sneaker. The second color-scheme is a combination of suede peanut butter contrasted by accents of black. This is a color-scheme we haven’t seen since the Chutney Jordan 13’s. Take a look at the huge gallery below for an in depth look at both color-schemes and the OG Ewing Guards which are also featured side by side in the gallery. Keep it locked here at for more info and a release date.

sn-select-ewing-guard-25 sn-select-ewing-guard-26 sn-select-ewing-guard-27 sn-select-ewing-guard-28 sn-select-ewing-guard-29 sn-select-ewing-guard-30 sn-select-ewing-guard-31 sn-select-ewing-guard-32 sn-select-ewing-guard-33 sn-select-ewing-guard-34 sn-select-ewing-guard-35 sn-select-ewing-guard-36 sn-select-ewing-guard-111 sn-select-ewing-guard-121 sn-select-ewing-guard-131 sn-select-ewing-guard-51 sn-select-ewing-guard-110 sn-select-ewing-guard-61 sn-select-ewing-guard-81 sn-select-ewing-guard-41 sn-select-ewing-guard-101 sn-select-ewing-guard-71 sn-select-ewing-guard-37 sn-select-ewing-guard-141 sn-select-ewing-guard-151 sn-select-ewing-guard-161 sn-select-ewing-guard-171 sn-select-ewing-guard-201 sn-select-ewing-guard-241 sn-select-ewing-guard-211 sn-select-ewing-guard-221 sn-select-ewing-guard-231 sn-select-ewing-guard-311

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