Coming To USA Soon: Limited EDT x Reebok Classic Leather + Video

by Jetpack


Today we are giving you a look at the Limited EDT Reebok Classic Leathers which have just released over seas. Singapore giants Limited EDT got their chance to transform the Reebok Classic Leather for its 30th anniversary going with a molting snake design. At first Limited EDT wanted the sneaker to shed over time and use, but that design changed in production instead they mimicked the molted snakeskin’s colors and covered the Reebok Classic Leather upper in a unique snakeskin.  The sneakers snake upper was contrasted by hints of black and accented by pink throughout the sneaker. Take a look at the gallery below for a better look at these Limited EDT Reebok Classic Leathers. Stay locked here at for more from Reebok, watch the video below by HypeBeast  sitting down with Limited EDT shedding some light on the sneakers design and inspiration.


Click here to view the embedded video.

limited-edt-reebok-classic-leather-snake-2 limited-edt-reebok-classic-leather-snake-5-570x570 limited-edt-reebok-classic-leather-snake-1 limited-edt-reebok-classic-leather-snake-3 limited-edt-reebok-classic-leather-snake-7-570x570 limited-edt-reebok-classic-leather-snake-8-570x570 limited-edt-reebok-classic-leather-snake-9-570x570 limited-edt-reebok-classic-leather-snake-6-570x570

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