GTA V Online : Rockstar Wants More Of Your Money

by Jiggy


As if 800 million dollars in ONE day wasn’t enough, Rockstar plans on charging even more money for the online gaming experience that you all been waiting on; The Grand Theft Auto experience just expanded and got a little more costly in the process.

Since Tuesday, the rumor loomed that GTA Online was going to allow micro-transactions to play/enjoy the madness in San Andreas. Rockstar confirmed the news today by announcing the multi-player add-on. Players will be able to purchase GTA$ with real money, if they want to unlock all of the goodies right away.

Pay-to-play has become a trend with many shooter-style games, so it really shouldn’t come as a surprise here. Still, that doesn’t mean the news went over well with everyone. Some fans are upset the move might break the balance of the game, leaving rich players having an advantage in the 16 vs 16 player battles.

Along with the announcement of the GTA$, Rockstar announced a Content Creator, more heists, capture the flag, and new character items with the update. They also warned of constant adjustments to the servers and game variable, considering it’s newness and the amount of people expected to play. All of the aforementioned changes arrive October 1st, so get your controllers charged up!

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