Nike Air Max 95 Textile – 2014 Preview

by Ray Figgs


The Nike Air Max 95 has seen a plethora of remixes over it’s near two decade run as a legendary runner with editions like the Tape and No-Sew mixing things up, but today we get a glimpse of the classic sneaker without its signature side panel waves with the introduction of the Nike Air Max Textile. Streamlining the sneaker with one solid textile upper, this Air Max 95 uses bold black lines atop a vibrant color while a leather toe contrasts. A release date hasn’t been announced just yet via SN

nike-air-max-95-textile-2014-preview-1-570x399 nike-air-max-95-textile-2014-preview-2-570x399 nike-air-max-95-textile-2014-preview-3-570x399

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